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    Preetam Slot

    I design, develop & some other stuff

    It’s always difficult to categorize digital creative work. But to friends and relatives who are not familiar with ‘our’ line of work, I mostly explain my doing as being a designer/developer. I’ve been this since 2001, when I started creating websites and began mastering the complete Adobe (CS one after another) collection. Self-employed at first, but the past 5 years I’ve been working at the design studio of an (pretty much booming) advertising agency in Amsterdam. My responsibilities are web & app-design, developing websites, creating banners, coding newsletters, advising designer colleagues about technical possibilities and limitations of the web, maintaining websites, and a lot of Photoshop work.

    P.S. Hi, my name is Preetam Slot and this – of course – is my website.


    The things i do
    for bacon


    the things i do

    illumi_1 Illumi Electrical Works Web Development · Webdesign
    I_love_my_ears I LOVR MY EARS Web Development · Webdesign
    responsive design eelke kleijn website DJ Eelke Kleijn Web Development · Webdesign
    responsive web development de reclamefabriek De Reclamefabriek Web Development
    logo design t praethuys ‘t Praethuys Logo's
    Preetam webdesign Baobab Photography · Web Development · Webdesign
    vette foodfight logo Vette Foodfight Logo's
    vette foodfight responsive design Vette Voodfight Webdesign
    Roorda responsive webdevelopment Roorda Web Development
    Bikesportive responsive webdevelopment Bikesportive Web Development · Webdesign
    Web development Albron Onze keuken Jouw keuken Web Development
    App design WSPA WSPA app Webdesign
    Responsive Webdesign fnv/menzis FNV/Menzis Webdesign
    Packshot Albron Albron packshot Photography
    responsive webdesign Port of amsterdam Port of amsterdam Webdesign
    webdesign direct pay Direct Pay Webdesign
    logo design Logo design Logo's
    packshot toolkit-donor Packshot Donor toolkit Photography
    free as air
    just like it


    free as air

    These animated icons are css driven and based on glymps by Font Awesome. Feel free to use them in any project. Here you can find a Demo
    Talk to me
    myself and I


    Talk to me

    Phone: +31(0) 6 2239 2886

    Email: preetam.slot@gmail.com